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Looking for an international experience and work setting?

"In my daily work at MAPFRE Global Risks, I share working sessions with colleagues from different countries. I collaborate with them in building the projects that the company is involved with. The opportunity to work in other countries is always there, and many colleagues started their working careers outside of Spain or have lived for part of their professional careers in any of the countries where MAPFRE is present".

Antonio Sánchez Gundín, Technical Area


Looking for professional growth?

" MAPFRE offers huge development opportunities. In my case, I started out as an intern in the Corporate Human Resources Area. I'm currently working in the Audit area, which I'm passionate about and offers tremendous opportunities for professional growth. I'm working with people who have a lot of experience and motivation, who support my development and help me grow my potential".

Carolina Schoch, Audit IT




Looking For A Good Work Environment?

"Working in a company that fosters a good working climate and motivates people to team up is essential for me. Economic conditions are important, but a good work environment, where a collegiate spirit prevails and you feel comfortable every day, is even more important".

Luis Acosta Massó, Sales


Innovative projects?

"In MAPFRE, innovation is a driver for growth and transformation. That's why all the employees are open to new ideas. There is a group of people who combine work with the promotion of innovation. There are more than 300 of them in the world —they are called Innoagents".

Luisa Fuentes Gandoy, Technical Accounting



What Does Mapfre Seek From You?

We seek people who like to bring new ideas and new ways of doing things, keen to address challenges, able to adapt quickly to change, global thinkers, team members who can work collaboratively.

People who want to share our values and feel they are contributing to the goals of the company and helping to make a positive impact on society. Are you one of those?

How do we select our professionals?

Our recruitment processes comply with the principles of equal opportunities and non-discrimination. The personal and professional merits of the candidates are the basis for our selection. Our programs for students and young professionals include:

If you want to work with us, please visit: http://www.mapfre.es/portal/trabajar-en-mapfre/index.html

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