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Welcome to your professional future!

First of all, congratulations for joining this project, for selecting our Company profile and for daring to discover the many opportunities we have for you and for all proactive participants, who are willing to leave their comfort aside in the quest for a different experience.

Why not dare take on this new adventure?

How many people have you known during your international experience? Altadis would like you to multiply your network of personal and professional contacts in a place where new ideas may be shared and talent developed. We are dreamers, just like you, which is what has made us market leaders, guaranteeing the utmost quality in all the products we work with.

You are bound to know us: you probably grew up with brands such as Fortuna or Ducados. These are just an example; perhaps what you don't know is that our Company has a broad product portfolio, 38,000 professionals, 51 factories and 160 headoffices in various countries, all of whom ensure that our day-to-day activity is highly dynamic and full of exciting projects.

We are multicultural!

Like you, we have surrounded ourselves with the best people from all parts of the world. Altadis is part of the British multinational Imperial Tobacco Group (ITG) and, at the same time, is the leading company in Spain's tobacco sector, with two industrial centres and the highest number of jobs.

At Altadis, we intend to give back everything society has given us, not only through our business activity but also through environmental commitment actions, social volunteer work and continuous effort to ensure the wellbeing of everyone at our Company.

Our main mission is to become market leaders in all categories, seen as experts in the sector. Why not help us achieve this?

Choose Altadis!

Altadis places its trust in you, your knowledge, capacity and entire experience as a young Erasmus.

One of the cornerstones of our Company's corporate policy is to value and promote innovation and diversity, and to reward effort and individual performance. Your personal and professional excellence may be developed in excellent working surroundings, with attractive professional opportunities. Visit our website (www.altadis.com) to find out the eight reasons why you should join us. Also, if you wish to confirm that we are the best choice with your own eyes, pay a virtual visit to some of our colleagues.

We are in favour of saying ; Go for it! Join a company that intends to share your future. Our doors are open for you, make the right choice, choose Altadis.