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In ALDI this spirit is alive in each and every one of our 9,500 stores throughout the world and among over 200,000 employees who are part of one of the most successful retailers in the world. It's in our genes, after all. 
The reason for our success is simple. We put passion into what we do and how we do it. We believe in excellence, demanding this from our products, suppliers and ALDI people, for our customers. Excellence in our processes defines us as do our extraordinary people who highly identify with our company and are proud of our products. Our teams are made up of high-performing professionals who know exactly what to do to succeed. We are true entrepreneurs and performance-driven.
In ALDI we want shopping to be a unique experience for our customers through the ALDI personnel. Our DNA is Simplicity, Responsibility and Reliability.
Our aim is clear –to continue growing. We are looking for people like you: young people with business DNA running through their veins! 
We invite you to look at our job offers on the Recruiting Erasmus program wall and send us your application.

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