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What is AstraZeneca?

We are a global biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and marketing of prescription medicines.

Our staff includes over 64,600 professionals working in 29 offices across 17 countries. In Spain we are a team of over 700 employees who are passionate about our company philosophy. We are located in Madrid and have a wide-ranging sales network to service the entire Spanish territory.

At AstraZeneca, we firmly believe that science is at the core of everything we do and challenges us to push the boundaries. Science can change how we see the world and respond to diseases. In our company, freedom of thinking and creativity nurture our desire to make a difference driven by our passion for science. We believe in the power of ideas and work, alone or with our partners, to change the treatment of some diseases.

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Our efforts focus on three priority therapy areas where we believe we can make a difference:

  • Oncology: we are committed to delivering life-changing medicines to cancer patients –there are still more than eight million lives lost every year to the disease.
  • Cardiovascular, renal and metabolism: we approach multiple risk factors through an integrated approach –cardiometabolism. This allows us to treat the patient as a whole, because we know the cardiovascular disease is a consequence of diabetes and chronic renal disease.
  • Respiratory: with a 40-year track record in the respiratory area, we continue transforming the treatment of respiratory diseases and the outcomes of patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)..

In addition to our priority areas, we are also active in other areas, including Inflammation and Autoimmunity, Infection and Vaccines, and Neuroscience.

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As a science-driven company, we are committed to R&D and to the development of innovative treatments that are accessible to patients and enhance the value of our science. We have three leading edge R&D centers located in Cambridge (United Kingdom), Gaithersburg (US) and Goteborg (Sweden). .

"We work in projects in a cross-functional manner, where we collaborate with other company departments, share different working styles, and learn and use other points of view that help us be more efficient in our search for agile value-added solutions. We are a giant clockwork working together towards a common goal –finding treatments that change lives"

Laura Delgado, Oncology Brand Manager

"One of the things I'd highlight about AstraZeneca is the strong support of internal talent. Professional development in the company is always nurtured. All vacancies are first published internally, thus protecting transparency and internal development"

Ricardo González, RBD Diabetes Región II, CVRM BU

Our values

Our values underpin what is important for us and what we as a company stand for. They are our guide both individually and as a group.

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What do we offer?

At AstraZeneca, we value and take care of our employees and facilitate their work. We offer programs that go beyond economic recognition and we empower talent, with each person owning their own development.

We are at the forefront of inclusion and diversity –there is no pay gap and half of our Board of Directors are women.

We also offer flexible hours and work, non paid temporary leave to address personal needs and different holiday periods, as well as continuous working days. We encourage employees to believe in themselves, to know themselves and to learn through experience. This passion for people is what makes us a great place to work.

Our certifications

We are the only Big Pharma company featured in the 2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, and have been named Top Employer Spain and Europe for the second year running. We also have the EFR certificate, awarded by Másfamilia Foundation, which recognizes us as a Family Responsible Company (EFR, in Spanish). We are third on Forbes top 50 companies to work in Spain..


Why work at AstraZeneca?

Our employee's pride is a global priority. At AstraZeneca we foster a culture based on learning, talent and continuous development where inclusion and diversity –of race, religion, gender, opinions and experience– are a reality.

We focus on improving the employee experience across all key moments, which is what ultimately makes working here an amazing experience. It is very important for us to find out how people live their daily lives, what drives them and what they expect from us to feel fulfilled both personally and professionally.

What are we looking for?

As an equal opportunity employer, AstraZeneca considers all applicants, regardless of age, gender and background. The most demanded profile is highly qualified professionals, primarily with a health-related degree, e.g., medicine, pharmacy etc.

We also value foreign languages and an international experience, as well as demonstrated interest in science because each and every one of us believes that science has the potential to change lives.

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Barcelona, Cataluña y Baleares  

Funciones requeridas 

ALDI es uno de los principales grupos de distribución alimentaria a nivel mundial en pleno proceso de expansión y crecimiento. Esto nos permite llegar cada vez más lejos. Actualmente contamos con más de 260 tiendas a nivel nacional y 12.000 a nivel internacional con gran presencia en los principales países europeos, América y Australia. 

Queremos conservar la visión de siempre: preocuparnos por lo que necesita el cliente en cada momento, valorando sus opiniones y aconsejándole sobre lo que más se adecua a sus necesidades.  

En ALDI, contigo como Responsable de Zona, cada día normal, será excepcional. Nuestro supermercado es fiel a la gran responsabilidad con la que estamos comprometidos desde nuestros orígenes: esforzarnos diariamente en cumplir con el objetivo que hemos asumido de ofrecer la máxima calidad al mejor precio. Para conseguirlo, tu función principal será dirigir y coordinar la actividad de un conjunto de tiendas, integradas, dentro de un área geográfica asignada.  

Tus objetivos serán adaptar el funcionamiento de cada punto de venta según la política comercial marcada por la dirección de la empresa, responsabilizándote de alcanzar en tus tiendas la mayor cifra de ventas y rentabilidad posibles.

Para esto, tu trabajo se centrará en:

  • Gestionarás y supervisarás diversos puntos de venta, especialmente por lo que se refiere a la gestión de equipos a nivel comercial
  • Formarás al equipo de ventas de cada tienda para conseguir los objetivos comerciales fijados por la Dirección General para tu zona de influencia
  • Realizarás el seguimiento de los presupuestos de venta de las tiendas, detectando posibles desviaciones y analizando los motivos
  • Transmitirás el espíritu, la política y la cultura de la empresa al personal de cada establecimiento o punto de venta
  • Supervisarás y controlarás la distribución de horarios del personal de cada establecimiento, de acuerdo con el o la responsable de tienda
  • Elaborarás informes de seguimiento de ventas de los puntos de venta y de cada miembro del equipo de ventas
  • Realizarás estadísticas de ventas para cada establecimiento
  • Supervisarás y tratarás de optimizar, si corresponde, la comunicación externa e interna, tanto en lo referido a los diversos puntos de venta como en lo que se refiere a la estructura interna de cada uno de ellos
  • Participarás en el proceso de selección del nuevo personal de cada establecimiento 


Para ello, consideramos esencial:

  • Tener finalizados estudios de licenciatura, grado o ingeniería.
  • Valoraremos experiencia laboral en el extranjero, así como el conocimiento de idiomas, especialmente en idioma alemán.
  • Disponibilidad geográfica.
  • Flexibilidad horaria.
  • Experiencia en gestión de equipos.
  • Alto grado de autonomía y responsabilidad.
  • Orientación a resultados. 

Se ofrece 

Te ofrecemos formar parte de un gran equipo orgulloso de lo que hemos conseguido. Integrarte en un proyecto de pleno crecimiento dentro de una empresa sólida y en expansión con múltiples oportunidades de desarrollo de carrera profesional. 


Envía ya tu CV a ofertas@recruitingerasmus.com