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Lucía Campo

Lucía Campo
  • Lucía Campo

  • Erasmus in Germany

Why did you decide to go with Erasmus?
I have always believed that living in a country, with a different environment and culture, gives you a broader outlook at all levels –educationally, socially, politically, economically, etc. An Erasmus is a top-notch opportunity for anyone who is curious about life and wants to have new experiences.
Which destination did you choose?
I chose Germany for two main reasons: I loved the country itself and going there would give me the opportunity to study in English while simultaneously learning a new and complex language like German. It was a wonderful choice. 
Were you familiar with the language of the destination country? Was it really difficult to learn?
I didn't know any, hardly a thing, not even "good day". It was hard, because as I said, German is a complex language and I'm not fluent in it. But I feel proud to have reached a level where I can get by pretty well in any everyday situation. 
How did Erasmus enhance your educational experience?
If I had to highlight two aspects, I would first say the breadth of perspective and analytical skills I developed thanks to the German education system. The flexibility of the educational plan also allowed me to continue studying in areas completely different from my specialty and which I probably would not have otherwise been able to do.  
What did you learn?
I learned to learn, read, analyze and question instead of learning by heart. I learned to appreciate multicultural exuberance and understand each situation within its context, even when I doubted myself. Above all I learned not to build barriers for myself.
Do you think students who study in other countries find it easier to get a job afterwards?
I think that apart from the obvious benefits, like speaking a foreign language fluently, experiencing an Erasmus demonstrates certain personal traits which are very positively appreciated in today's environment, regardless of the chosen destination. However, I believe that destiny is also an important factor.
How did you find out about the Recruiting Erasmus program?
I found out about it through my own university. They told us about it in an email, how it worked and what opportunities Recruiting Erasmus offered for us as students.
In your case, did it help you find work?
In my case it was not only useful but key to finding a job. Altadis is a company with a marked international character that very much appreciates any experience outside one's home country and the ability to adapt to new environments.