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Erasmus en Alemania

  • Rubén Vargas Rebollo

  • Erasmus in Germany

  • I studied industrial Engineering at Carlos III University of Madrid. During my degree I had the chance to study two different majors: Electronics and Industrial Management. This has provided me with a more polyvalent profile. I got truly involved in university life where I became the treasurer of the University´s Climbing Club.


  • I had the opportunity to study abroad twice. The first stay was in RWTH Aachen University, in Germany where I did my Final Year Thesis. It was an exciting and fulfilling experience. In Aachen I learnt other way of working and thinking and also a new language. Furthermore I made a very important network. Later on I went to Technical University of Munich where I attended a really interesting course about autonomous navigation for flying robots.


  • Last year I was selected by Airbus Group to take part in the MASI (Master in Aircraft Systems Integration) program. This is a special trainee program focused on aircraft systems which includes a year-long internship. As an intern I could collaborate with A400M Systems Integrator and work with different departments. During this year I have learnt a lot about the aerospace industry and specially about systems integration.


  • One year ago I had no idea of what the present year will be like for me. I am currently working at Airbus Defense and Space as a Navigation System Engineer. I really enjoy my work at Airbus as I can participate in projects at the cutting edge of technology and at the same time develop my career.