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Testimonio Jordi Galimany

  • Jordi Galimany

  • Erasmus en Maastricht


I did my Erasmus programme at the University of Maastricht. It was recommended to me by one of my university lecturers due to its intensive and demanding study method which entails few theoretical classes and focuses more on learning in small groups through problem solving, practical cases, etc. , which enabled me to mix and interact much more with more students from other countries and to improve my English. When I returned to Barcelona I completed my Economics degree and worked as an intern in the Public Finance department of the University. I then did a Masters in Economics at Barcelona Graduate School, where I was given the opportunity of being an assistant lecturer on the Economics degree course at the University.  Subsequently, I began an internship at Banco Sabadell in the Macroeconomic and Financial Environment Division and became an employee after a few months. The working environment is very similar to the one that I experienced in Maastrich where full involvement and teamwork is fundamental. Furthermore, the work philosophy is the same; as the world economy generates new problems and case studies you are obliged to review your knowledge and apply it in the best way possible so as to fulfil the objectives of the department and the bank. 

Of my experience working at Banco Sabadell I would highlight the working environment and the good relationships between colleagues and superiors. There is a balance between politeness and friendliness which creates a pleasant climate and an individual commitment and responsibility with which to take on the challenges that you are faced with each day.