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Entrevista Sheila Hernández

  • Sheila Hernández

  • Erasmus in Horsens, Denmark

Why did you decide to go with Erasmus?
It is a unique opportunity you shouldn't miss out on. Erasmus marks a before and after both educationally and personally. You learn a language and meet students and lecturers of different nationalities. On a personal level, you learn to quickly adapt to changes. Being in another country helps you to open your mind, to mature, to be more independent and of course to learn from other cultures.
Which destination did you choose?
From all the places my university had an agreement with, I chose Via University College in Horsens (Denmark) for two main reasons: the classes were taught in English and they offered a wide range of subjects in the field of marketing.
Were you familiar with the language of the destination country? Was it really difficult to learn?
Yes, it helped me improve my level of English. However, the official language in Denmark is Danish so a month before my program started, I took a EILC (European Intensive Language Course) to learn both the Danish language and the culture. 
How did Erasmus enhance your educational experience?
It was particularly practical. The great difference between Danish and Spanish education is that they do not solely focus on theory. The purpose of the exams is not to see if you have memorized a book, but to see whether you can put into practice what you have learned about a subject. We mostly worked in groups and at the end the work was presented to the other students. This method makes you learn to work in a group with people from different cultures and you lose your fear of speaking in public in a foreign language. 
What did you learn?
You learn to adapt more quickly and easily to new situations, and to a minimalist lifestyle. When you live in another country where you know nobody, you have to get on with it. This program is not just about studying outside while learning a language. It's a cultural exchange where you become more self-confident and more independent.
How did you find out about the Recruiting Erasmus program?
Companies appreciate you having studied abroad, and not just for the languages. It means that the person has ventured out of their comfort zone and faced up to unknown situations, developed their ability to adapt to change. It also means you can relate to people of different cultures and know how to accept different viewpoints. An essential skill for teamwork. 
How did you find out about the Recruiting Erasmus program?
I found out about it on Facebook, through a friend who also went on an Erasmus. 
In your case, did it help you find work?
Yes, in Red Eléctrica they look for people with languages and international experience.