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Entrevista Javier Batlle Mercadé

Javier Batlle Mercadé
  • Javier Batlle Mercadé

  • Latin America Marketing Manager, Gas Natural Fenosa


Describe your Erasmus experience. What skills/aptitudes did you develop during your international experience?

It was a magnificent experience. As well as learning a language and a culture and progressing further with your studies, you develop many social skills, the capacity to work with very diverse groups and you learn how to be independent, set yourself objectives and apply yourself in order to fulfil them.   

What did you find most difficult about returning to Spain? / What was most difficult to renounce when you returned?

At first it is difficult to adapt to family schedules and routines.

Do you think that your Erasmus experience gave you a competitive advantage when applying for these types of companies?

Without a doubt. Having participated in an Erasmus programme shows that you are a dynamic person with self-management skills who knows how to work in diverse environments which require flexibility and international mobility. This was a fundamental element for working in strategic consulting. The combination of the two opened the doors to a first class MBA. And all of this was key to my incorporation into Gas Natural Fenosa.

What would you advise to people who aspire to working at Gas Natural Fenosa?

They should know that it is a company with very diverse and interesting businesses and divisions which needs young people who know how to work in a team, who are flexible and can speak languages and who are keen to have international experiences.

To what type of people would you recommend Gas Natural Fenosa as a company to work for?

People who want to do their job well with a desire to learn and who wish to work in a constantly evolving large international company which values its employees and respects their work-life balance. They should also be people who wish to have a medium to long-term career