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The CLH Group  is the leading company in Spain for oil product transportation and storage and is one of the largest private companies in its sector at an international level.

The CLH Group in Spain comprises CLH, CLH Aviación and TERQUIMSA (Terminales Químicos, S.A.). The Group is also present internationally through CLH Pipeline System (CLH-PS) Ltd. in the United Kingdom and Orpic Logistics Company L.L.C. (OLC), which carries out its activities in Oman. 

The CLH Group plays a key role in guaranteeing society with safe, easy access to oil products, and it bases its management on criteria of commitment to sustainability, safety, efficiency and cooperation with society as stated in its Mission, Vision and Values


Main activities:

  • Storage, transportation and distribution of oil products in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands, while also guaranteeing free third-party access to the logistics system.
  • Storage, distribution and into-plane supply of aviation fuels and lubricants, through CLH Aviación.
  • Biofuels: logistics services, storage and blending of biodiesel with diesel and bioethanol with gasoline, offering our customers a comprehensive service.
  • Strategic and security storage.
  • Other activities: Metrology Laboratory. 

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