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1. Working in a leading company


Santander: One of the main financial entities worldwide

10 reasons why we are a leading company

  1. Third bank worldwide in turnover in the last four years.
  2. The international bank with the most income distributed to shareholders during the last three years.
  3. Well diversified geographically in 10 main markets.
  4. A solid, solvent bank, with balance strength.
  5. Ample liquidity.
  6. Eminently commercial.
  7. Second most efficient bank in our sector.
  8. Default ratio below average in all geographical areas.
  9. Fourth ranking financial worldwide brand.
  10. Best team in international banking.

2. Limitless growth


A company that supports its peoples' professional development

Working in Santander is an open opportunity to continue growing as a professional. Our people support helps them reach their potential and have careers increasingly rich in knowledge and experiences: 
  • Participating in training programs.
  • Taking on new responsibilities.
  • Participating in special projects.
  • With career plans, development programs, mobility programs and assessment of potential.

3. Learning day to day


Santander understands that training is key to good quality professional development

Working in Santander offers you the opportunity to continue training and gaining new knowledge to:
  • Perform your tasks more effectively and develop your talent.
  • Boost your professional development.
  • Share the best organization practices.
  • Learn all about the culture and history of the Group...
Santander believes in innovative training, with great investment in our growth, and an online system to include all our professionals: Santander Learning, from where it also may promote social networks of knowledge, with tools and communities of professionals and experts.
Our Corporate Centre of Knowledge and Development, El Solaruco, is an international centre of reference, with CLIP excellence accreditation, awarded by the European Foundation of Management Development.

4. My efforts are rewarded


We are part of the a company which recognizes the merits and contributions of each individual
In Santander ideas count –we recognize and value people's achievements. 

Santander offers transparent, confidential and objective appraisal, linked to competitive reward and to development.


What's more, performance appraisal helps to
  • Identify training requirements.
  • Manage professional opportunities within the Group. 
  • Improve individual performance.
In Santander, reward means much more than money. The success of each person receives competitive and integral compensation. 
We have a range of benefits for professionals and their families.

5. Working in an international environment


We are part of a multinational, diverse group.

Being part of Santander means having an increasingly international viewpoint.
We have international teams working within a multicultural environment, which is collaborative and diverse, with an excellent reputation.  
Our projects stretch beyond our frontiers.
We share global best practices. Part of your career may be developed in international destinations, with international exchange programs.
We are present in the four main global markets, where we carry out projects in 4 business languages. 

6. Professional and personal life balance


Santander cares about people

Santander cares about the balance between the professional and the personal, offering flexible policies and programs, and support to employees.
In Santander we are aware that getting the right balance between professional and personal life is important. Together we can create a flexible and cooperative working environment whilst maintaining our levels of competitiveness and leadership.
We believe the right balance is a space of mutual compromise we all build on daily. Flexibility policies and programs and support to our professionals are available to make this happen. Some examples are:
  • In Spain, "Family Responsible Company" and ""Equality distinction in the company" certifications
  • In Brazil, "Você program" for quality of life
  • In Chile, "Work and Family Program"
  • In Portugal, "Libra Program".
  • In Abbey, "Flexible Working Program"

7. Working in a solidarity company


Santander is committed to society, education and the environment.

We are a socially responsible company and support professionals who participate in social initiatives. For Santander, volunteers are key to improving society. 
These are some of our projects:
  • Santander Committed Volunteers program
  • Proyeto Escola do Brasil (Brazil)
  • Ayudando a Ayudar (México)
  • Construction of homes for low income families (Argentina)
  • Solidarity activities during the Santander is you week, throughout the world
  • Techo para Chile program
  • Community days (United Kingdom)

What type of people are we looking for?

Imagine being able to work together with the best professionals in your sector.
In Santander our staff is multi-cultural, with international careers which fuel the Group's expansion and growth.
The diversity of countries, business and functional areas of Santander allow us to offer a breadth of jobs and employ people with different profiles. 
If you can innovate, work in a team, lead, have a focus on the customer, and on achieving results, don't miss out on this opportunity to work in one of the best banks in the world and come to Santander.

Consult our job offers:: www.bancosantander.es/Trabaja con Nosotros

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Beca Medical Excellence

AbbVie es una compañía biofarmacéutica  cuya razón de ser es mejorar la vida de las personas a través de la innovación y la investigación. Está especializada en el desarrollo de tratamientos avanzados para enfermedades complejas. AbbVie combina el enfoque y la pasión de una empresa biotecnológica con la experiencia y la estructura de un líder farmacéutico.

En 2016, AbbVie cuenta con alrededor de 28.000 empleados en todo el mundo, está presente en más de 170 países, con 6 centros de I+D y 12 plantas de producción.

Abbvie te ofrece formar parte del equipo Médico, en el área de Medical Excellence, donde podrás adquirir una visión global del departamento médico y conocer el impacto que tiene en nuestros pacientes y en el resto de la organización.

Proporcionarás apoyo a la Unidad de "Infield Team Excellence and Process Improvement", creada para aumentar la efectividad de los procesos médicos dentro de la organización. Contribuirás en el seguimiento, desarrollo y formación de las posiciones de Médico en el campo y su contribución en los equipos de trabajo cross-funcionales. También participarás en la elaboración de métricas y colaborarás en los diversos proyectos de eficiencia y eficacia, donde podrás conocer la metodología que se lleva a cabo en los diferentes proyectos.

Asistirás y colaborarás en la organización de reuniones del Departamento Médico donde darás soporte y participarás en los grupos de trabajo virtuales. Al mismo tiempo, tendrás contacto con referentes médicos y podrás conocer y utilizar las herramientas de gestión de datos (sharepoint), herramientas de CRM (Veeva) y dashboard médico.  Ayudarás a la mejora de procesos en el departamento Médico y conocerás la relación que existe entre la investigación clínica y el departamento de Medical Affairs.

Si eres licenciado o graduado en Ciencias de la Salud o similar, estás realizando un Máster en el sector farmacéutico, posees un nivel muy alto de inglés, un alto conocimiento en Excel y Power Point y tienes disponibilidad para realizar una beca a jornada completa, por favor, te invitamos a que visites nuestra página de carreras profesionales, www.abbviecareers.com, donde podrás acceder y aplicar a la Beca.

Para comentar la oferta, visite el apartado de esta empresa.