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Jaime Conde

  • Jaime Conde

  • Erasmus in Paris

Why did you decide to go on an Erasmus?
Mainly to get answers that would satisfy my curiosity. To become enriched, both educationally and personally. To get out, live, learn. For this and many other reasons, I couldn't let the chance escape me.
Which destination did you choose?
Paris. In my case it was really clear from the beginning. I am a product of the French education system, from pre-school to high school. I had a debt pending with France and wanted to close the cycle. Choosing Paris was very simple –it is totally marvelous. 
Were you familiar with the language of the destination country? Was it really difficult to learn?
Yes, thanks to my schooling. Since I was already fluent in the language, my integration was faster and more profound.
How did Erasmus enhance your educational experience?
Specialization and expansion of my knowledge base of numerous subjects, business management in another language, and learning alternative study and work techniques, etc.
What did you learn?
To be self-contained, to study in a different way, to face up to situations and develop solutions differently. To sum up, I learned to act differently.
Do you think students who study in other countries find it easier to get a job afterwards?
I like to think so, because of their enhanced educational experience and also the thirst for knowledge this experience arouses. The job market is also expanding to other countries, so opportunities multiply.  
How did you find out about the Recruiting Erasmus program?
Unfortunately I found out about it later, when I was already working in Cepsa. If I had known about it at university, before getting a job, I'm sure it would have been a great help in finding one.